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Looking for programmer help: Tie ASPX lead form into Salesforce

I have a website that has a lead generation form that generates an email to myself and the lead with information that is pulled from an outside webservice.


I would like the form to tie into salesforce, as well as doing what it is already doing.


I want the form salesforce tie in to...


1. see if email exists in salesforce already as a lead or contact.


2. If not, then create a new lead with name, company name, phone and email,

plus make the content of the generated email show up as an email activity within the lead.


3. If the email does exist as a lead or contact,

then just make the content of the generated emails show up as an email activity within the lead or contact.


I'd like to get some quotes on accomplishing this.


Barry Steinman



Please drop an email to get the quote.





HI Barry,

 Thanks for your posting.

I would like to explain my approach on the project and the features which we can do to automate this.

1. We would create a solution which would integrate the lead form with salesforce. It would check for existing lead in salesforce and if the lead exists, would create an activity in salesforce . If the lead does not exist, it will create a new lead in salesforce.

 We can get this done for 400$ within a week time frame. I have a question for you.

1. Should we also check if the email also exists for a contact as well?

Please email me directly at buyan@thylaksoft.com and we can get this started asap..



We'd love to give you a quote. Please email design [at] pxworks.com and mention this thread.





Daniel SissonDaniel Sisson

Hi Barry,


Not sure if you are still looking for help.


In case you are please drop an email at kamal.deep@mansasys.com with your contact detail.