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Looking for offshore partner

US based consulting company looking to partner with an offshore firm.  Need to have deep SFDC knowledge, and spoken and written English competency.   Please send me a PM with rates per hour, location, number of resources, and average years of exp per resource.  


Please drop an email to get all the details. We have a complete global model enagement with US office / offshore office, already running this model for other SFDC clients.





rates per hour - $25

location - dallas,tx

number of resources - 3

average years of exp per resource - 6 years salesforce.com (apex, visualforce, java/j2ee, triggers, web services)

certified - yes

availability - immediate


please contact at vignette75@gmail.com


thank you

Daniel SissonDaniel Sisson

Hi Stephen,


Mansa Systems is a global company, our main focus is Salesforce.com implementations and force.com development for small and mid market customers. We have approx 6 years of experience  and most of our resources are 401 certified. We are price effective since we got our development centres in India and China. 


Please let us know if we can help you. 


You can reach me at kamal.deep@mansasys.com

or skype: kamaldeep.kd

Salesforce FreeLancerSalesforce FreeLancer



We are 2 sales force freelancer with over 5 years of experience in IT industries and over 2 years of experience in sales force development. We will provide you best quality with best rates in industry. Please drop an email to hardik_ce1993@yahoo.com. We are providing our services at 15$/hour rate.



Hardik Shah

Email: hardik_ce1993@yahoo.com

Skype: hardik_ce


Hi Stephen,


Please drop me a line at sfdc.y3k@gmail.com, and I'll get back to you with details.






This is Lalit from Aspire Softwares. We are Bangalore, India based Software Development Company. We are member of  "Salesforce.com and Force.com Developers" on one of the free lancing portal.


Thanks for you posting this requirement for offshore SDFC partner. Please find below my response to requested details.


Rates per hour: 10$/hour/developer


Location: We are bangalore, India ( IST timezone GMT + 5:30 )


Number of resources: We are 15 memeber company having 5 SFDC developers lead by team lead having 10+ years of experience.


Average years of exp per resource: Our most of the team members 2 to 3 years of overall IT experience and 1+ year in SFDC.


We have expertise in SalesForce.com (SFDC) platform for configuring and writing code using Apex and VF.

We have worked on various projects for SalesForce.com which involved use of predefined objects and development of the custom objects in SalesForce. We have worked on development of classes, triggers, pages,packages and other objects in SalesForce.com.

We are currently working as offshore development partner for SalesForce.com technology projects for one of the USA based company. We are dedicated offshore center for them for all SFDC projects.

If given a chance, we will prove ourself. Please be assured about best quality at best price.


If you need we can arrange call with our technical person to discuss with you further on requirement and any technical/functional discussion.


Please find below my contact details.


Cell: +91-9900456745     (anytime)
Office: +91-80-26683408  (4:00 AM to 2:30 PM GMT)

Yahoo  : aspiresoftware@yahoo.com
Msn      : aspiresoftware@hotmail.co.uk
Skype   : lalit.mendapara


Look forward to speak to you.




Greetings of the day!

I hope you must be doing well and high in spirits. 

I am associated with CRMprocorp, which is small start-up with good resources and technical experts. We build expertise in CRM products like MS Dynamic and Salesforce.com configuration, customization and integration. As Salesforce.com technical expert, I am responsible for end to end project delivery and SFDC Sales, hence I am looking forward to get projects from you.

All our associates work following industry wide acceptable standards, which ensures deliverable quality and helps to mitigate any potential risks. 

I got your reference from Developerforce.com and I am keen to hear from you and find out if we can fill out your technical requirements and get few projects from your company, if for some reason, you lack resources to carry out projects.

As we are at very early stage, we are aiming to get more business in form of projects and our focus is on customer satisfaction rather than making money, which in future will help us build market reputation for our company.

What I can assure you is quality deliverable within budget and timeline and post-implementation project support to help your business needs. Also, we offer our services at very reasonable and competitive rates. 

I am keen to hear soon from you and I expect some pilot projects which could be treated as proving grounds for our company and your reference going ahead.

Thanks and regards,
Peeyush A.
Salesforce.com Technical Expert
Email : peeyush@crmprocorp.com
Mobile : 091-95400-15333


Anna KrivulyaAnna Krivulya
Hello Stephen,

Apologies for late answer. Our company provides all-inclusive Salesforce services. If you have any offshore jobs or projects, we would be happy to cooperate.
You may contact me at anna.krivulya@synebo.io
Our webiste www.synebo.io 
You also may know about us more on social networks (LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter, Facebook) 

All the best!
William NicksonWilliam Nickson
I'm sorry that I resurrect the old topic, but it's just that I myself once encountered this issue, and spent a lot of time to find really useful information.
If the decision to outsource has been made, the next question is where do you start? Posting your job on collaboration platforms is not enough, let alone dangerous if you are on to something special about your product.
Send the bat signal/Find the company to outsource web development to
If you know who want your project to be executed by, go ahead and hit them up. However, there are options. A ton of them. You can post your job with just a brief statement of what you want and how you want it, and let the companies take a shot. You can research competition and see who does development for them. You can formulate a list of requirements and do the search yourself, eventually, you will narrow the circle to the ones that fit best. Generally, it’s a quality-to-price ratio that separates the ones from the others.
Different companies and teams leverage different aspects of development. Some are design-heavy, the others are rockstars in big data and machine learning. Finding the balance and the best-fitting expertise for your custom project is the main challenge. From our experience, people who are satisfied with the work we’ve done for them are willingly recommending us to their connections. This is the best type of reference we can get and we’ll go to battle for it. I also recommend reading this article https://diceus.com/software-development-companies-ukraine/ I hope it helps somebody in future to make the right decision. Good Luck.
Maksym BabychMaksym Babych
Hello everybody!

I join the commentator above. I did not want to update the topic. But the fact is that this is the only topic on this topic that I could find through the search form.

Indeed, finding a partner for outsourcing is a darn difficult task. There are many aspects to consider, from the level and availability of communications to even cultural differences.

For myself, I have set such a priority for the qualities that my outsourcing partner should have:
1. Adequate communication
2. Expertise in my niche \ ideas
3. Good review portfolio

And every day it is increasingly difficult to find worthy specialists, since the market is directly very inflated all over the world.

If I was honest, then I found a good guideline on how and where to look for a contractor, what questions to ask and why companies work here - https://spdload.com/blog/how-to-outsource-web-development/

The article reveals literally all questions on outsourcing projects. However, if you really want to find out how everything works, you will have to spend 15 minutes reading.

Hope the answer will be helpful! Especially considering the current situation on the development market in connection with the global situation ...
Entony GreenEntony Green
I can recommend pay your attention to Eastern Europe service market. This is balanced region by cheap price and good quality of product. Also, I can recommend this guide about how choose correctly offshore partner: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/software-development-ukraine
john techjohn tech
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