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Available: Salesforce.com administration, configuration and customization

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I offer Salesforce.com administration, configuration and customization services starting at $1200 per month for small companies.  This includes:


*  10 hours of salesforce.com administration, configuration and customization per month

*  Priority support to answer any questions (within 4 hours)

*  Quarterly recommendations on how you might get more value out of salesforce.com ( for example:  third party applications or services, new salesforce.com product features)


About me:

My specialty is helping small to global 2000 companies get the most out of their technology investments.  I have been working with salesforce.com for the last 4 years and have 20 years of overall experience.  My career was launched, while a freshman in high school, when I developed and sold my first commercial software application.


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(415) 508-5748


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