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Federated SAML SSO with assumptions

Hi can any  body please let me Federated SAML SSO with assumptions like what we required for use  them 


requirement:  I have N number of application I want authenticate them with salesforce we login with salesforce  how can done it any assumptions on it 


Thanks in Advance 



Hi Sivadev,


Not sure if you got  achance to go through the following SSO document which explains Federated SAML SSO with Salesforce in quite depth:



Once you go thorugh this - you will get an exact idea of what is required and what can be acheived using this SSO functionality.


Let me know if you are having any specific SSO related questions.. 

thanks Sonam but i need any assumptions how to achieve it

Hi Sivadev,


I underdstand that you need specific steps on how to implement SSO using Federated SAML:

the followig doc covers the steps involved in SSO imeplementation:



Let me know if this is what you are looking for..