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How to pass Reference value from .csv file to salesforce object via dataloader?

I am loading data from .csv file to salesforce object. in that i have a master field to contact. so how should we give this master field data to .csv file in order to load in to salesforce via data loader. I have given some name (Because this field is master relationship to contact). but record rejected and error is incompatible type for that field. so how should we load this data?


Hi Tillu,


While Importing Data from Apex Data Loader make sure the lookup and master fields values give their ID's in CSV instead of their name.


If you inserting master values with name it will through error... make sure export contact from your salesforce organization and match the ID of the contact in your EXCEL in the place of master value names...


After do this steps try to import again, it will perfectly import without any error..


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You will have to give the ID of the contact record.

Satish Kumar
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When importing data, Data Loader reads, extracts, and loads data from comma separated values(CSV) files or from databasa conections. When exporting data, it outputs CSV files.

We can use data loader in following 2 ways.

1. User Interface

2. Command Line

Key features of the data loader

- An easy-to-use wizard interface for interactive use
- An alternate command line interface for automated batch operations
- Support for large files with up to 5 million records
- Drag-and-drop field mapping
-  Support for all objects, including custom objects
- Can be used to process data in both Salesforce and Database.com
- Detailed success and error log files in CSV format
- A built-in CSV file viewer
- Support for Windows 7



Based on salesforce id to pass Reference value from .csv file to salesforce object via dataloader


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