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Kristy SmithKristy Smith 

Adobe API Expert needed!

Adobe API Expert needed! We are looking to hire a contractor to work on a Salesforce / Adobe project. A description is listed below. Please send your resume and rate per hour to: jobs@forcebrain.com.



- PDF fillable forms are embedded in an HTML page through an iFrame.

- Users need to fill-out, sign and submit the forms to an associated record in Salesforce.

Need to:

1) Pass an Id value from the HTML page to the PDF (if possible).

2) Submit the filled-out form to Salesforce associating the passed Id to Salesforce if #1 is possible.

3) Submit the filled-out form to Salesforce with the User’s input (inside the PDF) if #1 is not possible.

Expert requirement:

- Someone who has a deep knowledge with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader and the differences and limitations of both versions.

- Someone who has done a similar project in the past.

- Someone who is knowledgeable with Javascript.

- Nice-to-have someone who has experience with Salesforce.

- Nice-to-have someone who has experience in writing CGI or third-party processing scripts.




I have someone on my team that can help you with this, if you feel that I can be of any assistance feel free to reach out.




Aaron J. Blair

Ionia Corporation