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Ole IsaksenOle Isaksen 

Google mail and salesforce

We are going live with salesforce this week and have decided to go with Google Mail. We have installed the Google plugin but can not get
the Google mail part to work. We can not get the Google buttom installed on the firefox browser? We can mail from Google through SalesForce. Thats works but it is to get the indbound mail activated.
Anyone who has tried this? Salesforce tech support can not help and referred me to SalesForce labs....
Ole Isaksen
Is there a specific error message you are seeing?
Ole IsaksenOle Isaksen
No error. It simply does not work and salesforce have told us it should work over the summer. So you can only mail from salesforce via Gmail but the inbound does not get filtered through to salesforce. The inbound mails sits in your inbox and you have to copy the mail in to the notes manually.

Hi Ole,

Did you get an answer to not having to manually copy the inbound emails from Gmail to Salesforce? Thanks,


Brandon here from Cirrus Insight. I realize this is an old thread, but I wanted to point out our solution.


Cirrus Insight enables Gmail users to log received and outbound emails to Salesforce with one click. 


It's the top ranked integration between Salesforce and Gmail on the AppExchange:




It's a quick and easy 30-second install and we have a 30-day free trial:




Hi Ole,  

Feel free to check out our latest app, The Scoop Composer.  It is a Gmail-Salesforce Integration that allows you to seamlessly log your emails to Salesforce from within Gmail.  You can also instantly pull your Gmail Leads and Contacts into Salesforce, as well as create Activities as well as custom records from within Gmail instantly.  There are many cool features (a significant update since 2008), so if your organization still has a need for a tight and strong Gmail-Salesforce Integration, don't hesitate to call us.

Thank you for your time and good luck!