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How can I uninstall a package without deleting items in it?

When we went to a managed app, I did the following:
  1. Created a package for the app in the original DE org
  2. Set up a new DE org to contain the managed app
  3. Installed the package created in step 1 in the new DE org
  4. Created the managed app from the same package items from the installed app
So my managed DE org contains the managed package and the original installed package. This was not a problem until I tried to create a new project for teh managed app in the force.com IDE. It complains about the duplicate packages. I would like to uninstall the original package, but do not want to delete the items within it used by the managed app. 

Does anyone know how I can delete just the package and leave its items intact?
Ron WildRon Wild
Sorry, you can't remove only part of a managed app.  And it sounds like you've added a package dependency, so app1 will have to be installed in target instances before app2 can be installed.

You may have to create a third DE instance and rebuild the app from scratch.  If you use the Eclipse IDE, you may be able to speed the process by cutting and pasting meta data from the original DE and the second DE.   Just make sure you correct any namespace references in the new version.


Message Edited by Ron Wild on 10-07-2008 08:22 PM