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Google Adwords Setup

What's up with this message I have been getting for the last 18 hours?  The Google Adwords Setup will not conclude, and the message seems to blame Google and hint that if Google doesn't fix it Salesforce is going to pull the service.


We are Processing Your Request

Your request to link Salesforce with your existing AdWords account is being processed.
Depending on the time of day, this may take a few hours.

Salesforce features related to the Google AdWords program depend on the continuing availability of the Google AdWords API and program for Salesforce. We may be required to discontinue features related to the Google AdWords program if Google ceases to make the Google AdWords API or program reasonably available for Salesforce.
I recommend logging a case for this. You can do so here: www.appexchange.com/support
I'm having the same issue.
You have to log a ticket with both Google and SFDC. Google needs to approve the request on their end in order to establish the API call.