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Urgent! pls help! working with LMA - Sending email notification when installing and unistalling

Dear all,
I installed LMA to track my Leads and I want to send an email notification to the lead owner and to the customer when installing and uninstalling application. When I'm trying this I got several Problems.
  • I created a workflow rule. If I create a lead manually my mail notification is sent. But if I installed the package, the lead is created, but the email notification is not sent.
         This is the rule I defined,
              Evaluation Criteria:  When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria
              Rule Criteria Lead:   Lead Sourcenot equal toPhone Inquiry
  • And when I uninstall the package I got a mail notification (Salesforce default notification sent to the customer).  But the Licence status is not changed to "uninstalled ". Still the license status is "active". Also Licence type is still "Editable".

Please help me to solve these problems.


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Dear all,
I tried to apply workflow rule on Licence object. When Licence object is created, the notifiation mail is sent now. For the rule I checked licence status, if its equal to  trial or active. If true mail is sent.