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Deployment - Deprecate Option greyed out?

I want to create a new managed package but I already have one.  I usually just deprecate the existing package and then delete it.  However, the last package I created is not letting me deprecate the package, the button is greyed out.  Anyone know why that might be the case?

You cannot deprecate the most recent version of a managed package upload. Make sure that's not the case.
I guess that makes sense.  If it's the first upload, you wouldn't be able to roll it back, which is the case.  However, I am unable to delete the package and it has only been uploaded once.

"This Package cannot be deleted because it has the following uploaded versions:"

I am unable to delete the uploaded version, so I am not sure how to delete the managed project.

Thanks for the help.
Yep. That's expected behaviour. Assuming that your package version, say  v 1.0, is already uploaded on the Appexchange, create a new Managed Released version, say v 2.0, and then you will see the Deprecate button being active and you will be able to delete the v 1.0.
I really want to delete the whole thing, managed project and all.  It's a little frustrating only having 1 managed project available.
Sorry, once you've released a managed-version for a package, it can not be completely deleted. 

Your best option would just be to sign-up a new DE org and develop your new package there.

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Providing the developer a means to rollback to Beta will allows for complete deletion of the managed package.




Any luck over getting this working or imeplemented :( ...


I need to delete a Custom Object and a Tab from a managed package in my developer org ... can I achieve this ?