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Implementation Consultants needed for national project

We are building an implementation team for a national rollout of Salesforce.com for one of our customers. We have a strong team already, but need more people who are either strong in Salesforce functional analysis, or in data migration and integration. The project will involve probably a year or two of work, and is sure to be interesting.

We will be using our product, Relational Junction, to do the data migration and integration. You do not need to be proficient in the API for this task. The product does pretty much everything for you using a conventional data warehouse as a staging area and 2-way data replication (see http://www.sesamesoftware.com for more information).

Please contact me directly by email at rick.banister@sesamesoftware.com for more information on our products or about joining the team.
Rick, I would be interested in talking to you further about the project and joining your team. Please fell free to contact me at any time.

Chris Ingram

Please call me or send me an email with your resume.

Rich Angulo
Chris, don't have contact information for you. My email is rick.banister@sesamesoftware.com
Hi Rick,

We have helped companies like you in the past with our expertise in Salesforce.com administration/configuration/customization/integration and training. We also have experience developing applications for AppExchange (for sample, goto http://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/detail_overview.jsp?NavCode__c=MF3f&id=a0330000000khl3AAA)

Our pricing is also value oriented. Please let us know if it makes sense for us to talk.

Our contact details are
Email: info@ascendus.com
Phone: 412-567-2089.

Best Wishes,