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Help Authoring

I would appreciate it if those of you who have added help systems to their application would share the technique that they used and your relative satisfaction with the results.


Have you used something like RoboHelp or Doc to Help and linked from your Salesforce pages?  Have you set up custom VisualForce pages to display help?  Has anyone added a help system which allows uses to supplement application provided help with local help?


Thanks for any comments you might be able to provide?




Hi JR,


I've seen a couple ways Help is added to a packaged app.


1. You create custom S-controls that contain the HTML or make it a URL that points to your server and/or Visualforce static resource - check out the help.


2. Use formula fields that hyperlink to your help - any example of this is in the LMA (check out the Test Drive)


Hope that helps,