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Trying to install Wikiforce into my professional edition



I am trying to  install Wikiforce 1.0 but getting "Missing Feature" error. 


Here is the error:

Missing feature Apex Classes Installing this package requires the following feature and its associated permissions: Apex Classes 


I called support who said they do not support force.com apps, and there is no support for the all on force.com.  I dont understand what apex classes are, and why I cant add them to my account so I cant install this app.  Support did suggest that i get a free developer account and install wikiforce there.  However, I would to have it included in my preofesisinal edition, so that my team can have access to it, and have everything located on the same place.


Is there any way to have a wiki installed in my professional edtion salesforce, so that myself and those who i grant access to can use the wiki?  Doesnt necesarily have to be Wikiforce, thats just the one I found searching thorough the app exchange.


Thank-you in advance for you help.


Wikiforce can only be installed in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.  You won't be able to install this app into professional edition.  There might be some other apps that work with professional edition on the AppExchange that will meet your need.



This is a short-sighted policy by Salesforce. Developers need a maximized universe of potential customers.