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Error in Installing Unmanged Package from Developer Edition to Force.com Free Edition

Hi All,


I have developed one application on Developer Edition. Just now got the news that Force.com has enabled Free Editon to Host the Application for Free. 


Question :- Is there any way that the application developed on Developer Edition  can be access from Free Edition.


I am trying to Create unmanaged package from Developer Edition and installing it to Free Edition.I am getting the following error


Duplicate Name  : The Name "SiteRegisterConfirm "  is already used on Componant Type Visual Force Page : Please Rename existing componant


Same error I am getting for SiteLogin , ForgotPassword , Site Login Controller.


Error is valid , But while I creating the package , saveral componants like SiteLogin , SiteLoginController automatically added to my package componant.


I just want to host the application from Free Edition which is developed in Developer Edition



Any suggestion , Alternate ways  ??


Thanks in Advance,

Brijesh Thakur


The problem is your Free Edtion already includes visualforce pages with the same names as the ones you are trying to install.  The install detects the name conflict and blocks as you are experiencing.  An option is to rename the pages mentioned below either in your dev org or your free org.  Then the install will proceed.  You could also use the Force.com IDE to do the migration between the orgs.