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Licenses package and salesforce-to-salesforce

We sell a managed package that adds custom fields to contacts, leads, and accounts. We have a customer that enabled S2S and the accounts and contacts tabs would not work until they removed our app.


I don't know if they tried to share our custom fields or not. But as long as they don't try to share our custom field, should this work as intended or has anyone at SFDC ever tested S2S when running a licensed app? 




I have been able to share records from an installed managed package to another sfdc org. And this was based off a custom object (vs standard object with custom fields). 


What error did you run into? You mention the Accounts and Contact tabs didn't work? So a user couldn't navigate to the standard tabs? Or did something with s2s not work properly in your scenario?  




We have tested this with a licensed app and it appears to work.  Was there some sort of required field or validation rule in the customer's org maybe that was blocking the S2S?


If you can provide more details, that would be helpful.





I have not heard the latest, but there is a case open. We tested and it worked fine for us, but our partner has the error. I think s2s was on first, then he installed the app and now gets connection errors. Case # 02870110 if you have any ideas.


Thank you