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platform edition visualforce page access

I installed an app on the platform edition and had the hardest time figuring out why the free user could not see it. I solved the issue by modifying the profile to manually allow VF page access to the pages in the package.


If the profile has an app as the default, shouldn't it by default have permission to all of the VF pages in that package? Sure makes it harder to deploy an app that way.


Is this intended or a bug?





This is intended. As an admin installing an app, you decide who gets access after the install - see Step 10. By default, the package installs for just admins, if you select Grant access to all users, then you would not need to do the steps you mentioned.


Hope that helps,



That's what we do and it sets only some of the perms. We still have to manually turn on the tabs for the platform profile, AND we need to set security settings on each VF page or else we get a permission error when we click our app's main VF tab.


So the grant perms to all DO allow apex access and object access, but they seem to not allow VF page access.  Any idea why?




No matter what, it still leaves all of the VF pages non-accessible to the platform user. If nobody has a clue why, we'll just log a bug since this makes install really challenging for a novice.