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Calling external Web service with HTTPS from managed package

Our organization created a managed package that consumes a web service hosted by our own company.

The web service methods are called using an HTTPS endpoint.


After installation, the code that executes a call one of the web service's method is getting the following error:


"Web service callout failed: Unable to find header type info forconfig".


If we change the web service URL to use "http" instead of "https", the web method call works.



So what does it mean this error message? How we can use "https" protocol, instead of "http" for the web service calls? 


Did you add an external site for https and http? Sometimes the error messages are misleading.

Yes. The web service URL had already been added to the Remote Site Settings of the organization, using Administration Setup -> Security Controls -> Remote Site Settings.


Anyone knows what does this message mean and how to make the web service call work using HTTPS?