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Topic is removed.

Topic is removed.

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Please remove the following from your post:


"Migration of CRM to Salesforce.com(moving all functionality provided on other CRM to Salesforce(Financial logic + integration with google maps, sending sms, mass email, custom scheduller, custom events logic, surveys and so on) + developing brand new UI using CSS3 and HTML5)."


As you know, this was a job you were doing for us and you did not complete this development ... in fact you took $17,000 of our money and ended our contract just days after promising to complete it within budget.  We paid you this money on the basis that you would honour your numerous pledges to complete the job within budget.  All we have ended up with is a pretty user interface ... the functionality is extremely minimal and certainly not what you have described as above.  


To promote yourself as completing this work is fraudulent ... not one aspect was completed properly and some of the items you have listed above were not even commenced.  Please remove all mention of it as well on your oDesk profile and resume.


You have left us severely out of pocket for a small business and did not even have the decency to give us a reason as to why you closed the contract ... you just took our money and ran and cut off all communication with us.


Based on this fraudulent experience, I do not recommend you to any potential clients.