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Certified Administrator/Developer available.

I am a 201, 301, 401 and soon to be 501 certified Salesforce Administrator/Developer. I have a year of experience working on the Salesforce platform and an advanced ability and knowledge of using the standard and declarative functionality to create complex business processes using workflow, formulas, visual flow etc., managing and moving data with the import/export tools, creating effective reports and dashboards using the report and dashboard builder, and my knowledge of formulas and other customizations and modeling data with best practice. I also have a strong interest in programming and have a moderate level of knowledge of apex and am learning as much as I can, as well as visualforce, soql and the other programmatic elements of the platform. I'm a Computer Programming and Database student online, and in addition to my Salesforce knowledge, I am experienced in relational databasing, programming with visual basic.net, javascript, php and have a working knowledge of java, ruby and python as well. I work in Aptana, Eclipse (for Java and Force.com use), Access, MySql, Word and Excel and a variety of other programs. 


If you are looking for a knowledgable and effective Salesforce administrator, developer or consultant, I am interested in talking to you. I am looking for a full time position. I am only able to work remotely at this time, but can travel as needed without a problem. 


If you would like to discuss any position with me you feel I would be a good fit for, please email me at kcplusplus@aim.com. I can provide more information on myself, my resume, linkedin profile and any other information needed.