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Is there a Picklist limitation?

I'm preparing a new application for download from the app exchange.  I wanted to test my application for compatibility with another application and received the following error message during the installation of the other package from the appexchange:


1. Apex Classes(01p80000000bqV3) mappingeditcontroller.TestController()
System.Exception: Force1:Too many picklist describes: 11



I contacted the vendor and he said that "SalesForce imposes a limitation on the number of Picklist definitions available across all installed packages."


What does this mean?  Is there a limit of 10 picklists in all installed applications?  It sounds more like the error message says that there are too many picklists in that specific controller, but I can't find anything about a limitation in the number of picklist fields.


Can anyone out there clarify this for me?


Thanks much for your help. 


please chek the picklist limitation doc avialable in the help and training and follow the thread it may helpful to you.




This error sounds like it's referring to the number of times you've called a Describe method on a picklist field, so I don't think it is meta-data related, but a coding problem.


From http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/apex_gov_limits.htm:


"Total number of ChildRelationship, RecordTypeInfo and PicklistEntry objects allowed and total number of

fields calls allowed : 10"


My hunch is that this is a coding error too, but since the problem is in a managed package, I can't check to code to verify that is the problem.  


I think I'll get back to the author on this and press them a bit.


Thanks for our insight.