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Create a managed package from existing objects/data

I'm trying to get my head around if the following situation is possible. Some background info first:


  • Custom object exists in production org and was created manually under setup
  • Intent is to wrap this custom object (and future changes) into a managed package to control future upgrades


My questions are:

1) Is there a way for me to move the existing object and all of its attributes to a developer org without having to create it all by hand?

2) Assuming #1 is taken care of, when I go to install the managed package (which includes the custom object already in the production org) in the production org can the attributes and data be merged?



Why are you wanting to use a managed package?  Managed packages are designed for salesforce partners wanting to sell an application to many customers. Is that what you are trying to do?

We were looking at the managed package specifically because we'd like an easy way to control upgrades. The other way, as we understand it, is to develop in our sandbox...which is fine...but then the implementation of those changes in the production org seems like a very manual process.


We do also have asperations of wrapping much of our functionality into a product at some point, though this is further down the road.

Don't go the way of managed packages.  It won't work we'll for your use case in the long run.  Try the cloud deploy from sandbox.  That should ease the pain in moving to prod.  

I agree with Andrew. This is the wrong use case for a managed package.


You can also use the Eclipse IDE or a tool like DreamFactory's SnapShot (lookup SnapShot in AppExchange) to accomplish pretty easily. These tools will help you move object, code or profile updates. What that means to you is that they can helpful move field level security and other profile setups along with the object setup that you want to replicate.


Disclaimer: I work for DreamFactory.




I appreciate all of the feedback. It looks as though the cloud deploy functionality will serve us quite well.


Thanks again!