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Custom buttons don't package on layout upgrade

Maybe this is a known issue?


We have some custom buttons that we have included in our managed package for the page layout. When I install the package, the buttons are on the layout for a fresh install, but are not there if the button appeared on an upgrade. This is both the main button as well as a button on a related list.


Any plans to fix that one and override the layout when you upgrade a package?


This is working as designed.  We currently don't auto upgrade page layouts.  We may offer this in the future, but for now you'll have to ask the customers to add the buttons post install.





Yes, this is a known issue, but in the sence that it's not supported. Layouts (along with reports, field help text and others) are not upgradeable. That is, once a customer installs the item, it won't be changed by subsequent upgrades. These changes will have to be made manually or through the metadata API.