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AppExchange: Uninstall With Rollback?

I'm developing a managed package that will import customer data into Salesforce and create new Account / Opportunity / Task / Product records.  Since I'm using the "standard" set of Salesforce objects and schemas all of the information that is imported will be left behind if a customer uninstalls my application.


What I'd like to do is offer customers the option to either leave the imported data (how the uninstall works now, by default) *or* to remove both the application and the imported data.  Is there any way to hook into the Salesforce uninstall so that I can call my own code to clean up the imported data?  Maybe an extend / inherit that I can subclass to pick up on an "uninstall event"?




Jerry H.



After installing yours package ,deleting the download csv file option will remove yours data from the org.i think