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Multi Currency packaging - mutually exclusive?

We have a package on the AppExchange that does not support/depend on multi-currency being enabled on the subscriber org. We have a customer who enabled multi-currency in their instance after installing our package. We are now not able to upgrade their installation.


I understand that if your package depends on multi-currency fields, the subscriber must have it enabled. Is the reverse also true, that if you do not package the dependancy, you cannot install into orgs with multi-currency enabled? If we enabled it for our dev org, but did not reference the multi-currency fields, would it work in both cases then?


I don't think this is necessarily true.  How is your install failing?


It fails with one of the server error pages with a numeric reference to an error log (1518020000-5391 (598396380)). Here is the email that was sent form SF support back in 9/09:


According to the failure related to the installation, the application's upgrade is conflicting with dated exchange rates. If you disable dated exchange rates, it will return to the default values. If you wish to upgrade the application, you must switch it off. If you switch it off, you will lose the values you have. I am not sure if you will be able to re-enable it afterward.


Thrown: lib.gack.GackContext: core.mfpackage.install.PackageInstallException: [DeployMessage] FAILURE problem: Currency fields on entities with effective dated currency are not supported. fullName: Donor_Profile_Report id null fileName: pages/Donor_Profile_Report.page lineNumber: null