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Upgrading packaged Visualforce email templates

I have a managed/released package that contains a number of Visualforce email templates. I have made some changes to the packaged email templates and want to push these changes out to users of my managed package. I'm noticing that my changes are not being deployed. I even tried deleting one of the email templates from one of the destination orgs and then installing the new version of the package to see if it would "re-install" the updated version of the email template. What I found is that it doesn't install the new copy of the template, and now I seem to have no way of restoring this template to the destination org.


Is this a bug? Why aren't managed/released Visualforce email templates upgradable?


Hi ,


     Email Templates are not upgradable in package.As a workaround you will have to create a new Template and refer the new Template at the desired locations.


    More information about this can be found in Packaging Guide.