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Help needed - Dreamforce '08 Videos



I am fairly new to Salesforce and very excited about all the opportunities it brings.


I am trying to watch some of the Dreamforce '08 videos available in this community site but once I start playing a video it interrupts.


It is not like youtube where you start watching a video and the downloading gets ahead very quickly so the video doesn't interrupt.


I will really appreciate if someone helps me resolve this.  Watching 5 minutes of a video has become a mission!  I have tried all sorts of tricks:  Security tricks, memory tricks.... and the problem persists.







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Hi Tingo,


When you say the video "interrupts", what exactly happens? Do you see a message? Do you see a whirling ring of arrows? Does the video resume playing on it's own?


Do you have this problem with videos outside of the Salesforce site?





Hi Susan,


Thanks for your assistance with this.


The videos resume playing on its own.  In other words, any video starts playing and then stops and then plays again a second or two later.  This keeps on happening all the time.


One of the videos I am trying to watch is this:  http://www.salesforce.com/community/crm-best-practices/administrators/customization/advanced-customization/2008-admin-possibility-formula.jsp


The same does not happen when I watch videos from youtube or any media source.  For instance, when playing youtube I see the bar that indicate download/streaming going faster than the bar that indicates playing (I am not sure if these bars have names but hopefully you understand what I mean).  Therefore, the video does not stop playing.


Again, thanks for your help.










Were you able to get the videos to play for you?   Not sure why it was doing it and can't help get it played but I can help you with the particular video you linked to as I was one of the presenters.


Would be happy to go over things with you sometime if you need more info or want to bounce an idea off someone.


To your success!


Kevin Edelmann