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Customer Ranking Formula

I'm trying to come up with a realtime customer account ranking formula that can be displayed on the customer record, and in reports.  This will be very helpful from a Support as well as Executive standpoint for us.

For example, customers may purchase anywhere between 2-20,000 widgets each month from our company.  We currently capture this data in salesforce in a field called 'widgets last 30'.

I'd like to compare the 'widgets last 30' value across all customer accounts in our system, and then return a value (rank) in the customer record based on this relative ranking.  We have different customer 'Types' as well (Retail, Wholesale, etc.) so it will be important to return a ranking based upon this customer Type.

I think I can accomplish this by simply creating a new field of type formula, but I'm a little lost on how to craft the formula to capture this 'ranking'.
Did you ever figure out how to rank?
We need this as well very badly.  Did you find a way to do it?
Steve MolisSteve Molis

The easiest way to do this would probably be to built a Roll-Up Summary field on the Account Object that SUMs the number units purchased, and then create a List View or a Report that sorts on your Roll-Up Summary field.


As for creating an internal ranking field, I'm not sure how you would co about calculating that dynamically.  


Hi there,


I am trying to do the same thing. Were you able to figure out a way to do this? Thanks.



Steve MolisSteve Molis

The easiest way to do this with a Formula is to create a Rollup Summary field on the Account record and then create a List View or Report that is sorted on the RS Field in descending order.


To do thois programatically would require an Apex Trigger, and for that you's have to post this question on the Apex  Discussion Board http://boards.developerforce.com/sforce/board?board.id=apex (this board is for Fomulas and Validation Rules)

Karen LorenzKaren Lorenz
We have accomplished the rollup summaries via trigger and list views in our org, but I am looking for a way to assign a specific rank value, as we rank our clients into tiers:
Tier 1 - rank 1-25:  gets dedicated senior executive and marketing rep, anuual visits, quarterly updates, invitiations to all client events etc.
Tier 2 - rank 26-40:  get dedicated executive and marketing rep, quarterly and anuual updates, invites so some client events
Tier 3 - rank 41-50:   get dedeicated exeutive, annual updates and invites so a few client events
Does anyone know how to do this?