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Need Help: Lookup/Multi-select picklist

Hey all!


Here's my scenario:


Our customers are at specific web sites.  When they report an issue, they can (and often do) report the issue as occuring on MORE than their own site.


Currently, cases are automatically associated to the account that the contact is associated to.  But we need to be able to do essentially 2 things:


1. I don't want to break the contact/account relationship, but I need a way to identify that the issue being reported is NOT necessarily being reported for that Account record.


2. I need to enable the ability to attribute the case to more than one account record at a time.  Parent/Child accounts is not enough, as often the issue could be reported on 2 of the say 15 sites that are child accounts to the parent.


What I think I need is a "Lookup Field/Multi-Select Picklist".


My vision for the field is that it would allow support agents here to select from a list of values, populated from a custom field we created in every account recor.  They would need to be able to select 1 or more values in this field.


Thanks in advance for any help!