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Lead Score Question


I have a custom formula set up to score our leads based on information they give us. We have an app set up that tells us the user's visit frequency, and based on that field, I want to update the lead score. Right now, I have this:


CASE( Visit_Frequency__c,


The only problem is that if a lead visits the site 3 times, they're getting a score of 11, where I'd like them to have a score of 4. The idea here is that the first time they visit, they should get a score of 3. The next time, their score should have a score of four (adding one). And I'd like to have the lead score increased by a maximum of 5 total for any visits above four. 


Can you tell me how to do this? Is it as simple as doing:


CASE( hubspot__Visit_Frequency__c,


Or am I missing something (I feel like I am).



Can you show the other related formulas if there are more? It looks like there is more to this that we can't see.