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A Time field to show my clients' opening hours - in different countries

I'd like to add a custom field that can show a time, eg 0800.


If I use a number field (which I can validate to ensure it is <= 2359) then it removes the leading zeros and adds a comma.


Do I need to use a text field and validate that the characters are all numeric etc. ?


Ultimately what I want to record is the time a client's office opens in the morning - and they can be abywhere in the world. I will record this time in GMT. However, I need to take account of daylight savings time shifts, which do not all happen at the same time.


So the perfect solution would be to enter the data in the local time, know the timezone from the address (not easy in a country with multiple timezones) and display the resulting time in GMT so it is consistent across all clients.

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