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custom fields on activity in package

We have a package that used to work for group edition customers. We then added more features and created 2 custom fields on the activity object. Now group customer can't install due to a silly restriction on custom fields on activities for Group.


Is there any way to either remove that restriction for a package or give the user's org the ability to have custom fields on activities?


If no, any work-arounds we can do? I need to track 2 text values as part of an activity record.





Custom fields are not supported on Activity object in Group Edition. So therefore, you won't be able to install any package that has custom Activity fields - as you have experienced.


If you want to support both Group Edition and higher editions (Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited), you could create a Base managed package for Group Edition (no activity custom fields) and then an extension for the higher editions that support more functionality.


This article is helpful.