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Can no longer install my app on Professional Ed.

Just published a new managed package today. It has been working fine with all version of SF in the past. For some reason upon releasing my new package today all users of Professional Ed get an install fail message (even if they ignore the unit tests).


Your requested install failed. Please try this again.

None of the data or setup information in your salesforce.com organization should have been affected by this error.

If this error persists, contact salesforce.com Support through your normal channels and reference number: 2093278357-19 (-1953474441)


Tried it on three different servers NA1, NA5, NA9. Installs fine on Enterprise. Called SF and they have no way to looup the reference number. Their paid support is always useless. It generally takes 2-3 weeks minimum for them to get back to me after the first "we're looking into this email." In a pinch here, anyone got any ideas?


Let me apologize for your experience with Support. I recommend you log the case through the Partner Portal (www.salesforce.com/partnerportal). This is the best avenue for our partners to log cases. If you don't have access, on the home page click on "Need access" link to request access. 


Once you log the case (and please include the error id you show in your post), please post the Case # here and I'll make sure support follows up. 


We actually have two cases going at the same time (suggested by in Alliances Operations there at SF). One was opened through our developers account and one was opened through the partners portal. Honestly, this is pretty standard service from what we've seen. Not sure if we are doing something wrong. We've tried every combination of opening cases over the last four months (using the phone with our pin, logging through partner portal, logging through the dev account etc). All of them result in the same thing.


Case #04864573 (opened in partner portal after no movement on the other ticket - now at level II)

Case #04859170 (escalted to tier III this morning and have not heard back)


We've been told by two different support reps over the last few months that it makes no difference where we enter the case (through out developer account or through the partner portal).




I checked internally and it looks like this case has been properly escalated. 


In terms of logging cases, I always recommend our partners log cases in the partner portal.