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Metadata for custom objects in team development

I am looking to understand an issue I am facing with team development and sharing of custom objects. I have an SVN repository setup which contains all the elements of our managed package. When checking out the code through the IDE (subclipse) and saving the src to another development org, some of the meta data changes without any modifications from the developers.


For instance, in our *.object (metadata files representing our Custom Object) the main org has tags for <depricated>false</depricated>, but the new dev org removes all those tags once you "Save to Server". The net result is a lot of SVN diffs that the developer did not introduce.


This makes committing changes back to SVN difficult, since the developer has to work around the diffs injected by pushing the checkout to another dev org.


How do we avoid the injection of these changes from dev org to dev org.


Can you send me org IDs for each of your orgs via a private message?


Not sure of a solution to your problem, but I can offer that this tag is added to the metadata once the field is added to a package (not sure if it takes an upload of the package, or just adding the item).


Perhaps you could create an SVN trigger to strip this out?


From experience, true team-development on force.com is very challenging, but can be done (and it's better than the alternative!).

ZenKraft DevZenKraft Dev

Thank you for the insight cgoss. Hopefully we can figure out a way to make consistent metadata across developer orgs.


And thank you for offering your help Mr. Andrew Smith. I sent you a private message and will update this Thread if we figure out a solution to this issue.