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The KnightThe Knight 

Profile mapping not working properly for tab settings


    System Administrator:

     1. Few tabs were with "Default On" and

          Few tabs were with "Tab Hidden" 

      2. Included all the tabs in the package and uploaded the package.


Installed the package in Org2.

 While installing the package the System Administrator profile of Org2 is mapped with System Administrator of Org1


In Org2:

   When opened the System Administrator profile I can see all the tabs has the "Default On" option selected, which should not be the case and should inherit the permissions from the profiles of the Org1.


Please let me know why this is happening.

Any help would be appreciated.





The profile settings only apply to newly installed items. For instance, if a tab is being newly added in the package, and you apply the profile settings during the install, the profile settings will be inherited.


The profile settings are not upgrade-able unfortunately, so if an object or tab shipped in an earlier package version, and you later modify the profile settings, existing customers will not get the new settings. It should work fine for fresh installs though.


By this logic, standard tab settings are never modify-able by the profile settings in the package.