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Redirect "Get It Now" Button



I'm writing an Apex app that integrates Salesforce with our existing cloud service.  Something that we'd like to do is to restrict AppExchange installations to certain existing customers, e.g. paid users.  Where I'm having trouble is understanding how (if at all) one can do so; everything I've found seems to indicate that developers have little, if any, control over the installation process.


I've been told that it is possible to have the "Get It Now" redirect to a custom page.  Is this true?  If so, how?


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You need to configure the "Get It Now" through the Appexchange Publishing Console. Login to the appexchange, click on Publishing, edit your listing, click the "Offering" tab and look under the section titled "How should people install your application."


If you select "Install it directly from your company's website" you can specify a URL redirect.


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What if on click of Get It now button is configured as Contact your company to install it. Will that trigger an email to the address given in publisher profile. If yes, does that mean the listing has to be public, since currently the listing is private and click on get it now doesnt shoot an email to the confgiured email address.