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Converting other then leads

My Organization needs multiple custom applications that will have different custom objects.  



By default Salesforce.com has the following objects, Lead, Account, Opportunity.

We are interested in creating separate applications for each one of sales teams.



Currently we have 3 sales teams…Enterprise Sales, Graduate Sales, Observation Sales.

We want to create separate applications for each sales teams, along with separate “forms” aka….objects and fields..


We would like to set up the Graduate Sales team with the following objects.


Inquires, Students, and Courses


The following are true.  Inquires are equal to leads, students are equal to accounts and courses are equal to opportunities.

The issue we are running into is, “Convert” is not a standard button on a custom Object.  We have no way to convert Inquiry data over to Students and Courses.


I know by default this solution is built into Salesforce.com.  however I do not see this feature on custom objects and I cannot view the syntax of this button  on the default Lead Object.


Is this possible to solve.  Am I able to see the syntax and overview of how this is accomplished by the convert button on the Leads object?