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I have a custom field in Account and I have a custom object (account master relationship) with 2 fields - Signature_bonus__c and Cases_completion__c


these 2 fields are formula fields. I want to put the value of this 2 fields in 2 other fields when the values change. So i created 2 fields update and 2 rules.

It seems it does not work I assume it's because these fields are formula fields.


So I tried to do ischanged(my account field) as the formula of the 2 fields are based on the account field but I have an error message "

Error: The ISCHANGED function cannot reference the Account__r.Previous_CP_category__c field.
So is it a way to do it?
I don't know if I am clear :(
Thanks for your help
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Check the settings on your Workflow Rule, the criteria should be "Every time a record is created or edited"

it is Every time a record is created or edited. If I put a field of the custom object I don't have this error message.

so it seems ischanged doesn't work with formula field and cross field.


Steve MolisSteve Molis
Oh crap, I  didn't know you were going Cross-Object with the Field Update, I thought it was just the Trigger Criteria.
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I found a work around.


I did a field update on Account with a rule ischanged( Previous_CP_category__c ) and in my custom object I created 2 new fields but replacing account__r.Previous_CP_category__c  by the new account field and it works.


But if someone has a better idea, it will be welcome

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