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Task VR: Only one specific field can be edited once Take is completed

Hello again!


I am looking for a quick fix for an issue that we have. We have a custom picklist field called "Related Campaigns" (this allows us to use the Related To look up field for Opportunities and Accounts). We currently have a VR in place which does not allow most users to edit a Task once it is Completed.


Is there a way to edit this rule, or include a second rule that says only the Related Campaign field may be edited once a Task is completed?


Here is the current rule restricting all editing of completed activities:


$Profile.Id <> "00e80000000wY2R" &&
$Profile.Id <> "00e80000000xJTO" &&
$Profile.Id <> "00e80000000xJTh"&&
ISPICKVAL( PRIORVALUE(Status), "Completed")


Thank you in advance!

You might be better off creating a custom Record Type and Page Layout for "Completed" tasks, rather than trying to write a VR that locks down all but 1 field.
Am I understanding that the only effective way to lock everything down except for Related Campaign, is to essentially write a NOT(ISNEW) for every field except it?

Yeah, pretty much.  


Basically the "formula" is



IF(COUNT: "Fields to be Locked" <= "Time Available", "Write Validation Rule","Use Page Layouts")