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Linking 1 Primary Object to 2 sub-objects

One of our users wants to list all Contacts with Teaching History and with Awards. This means going across 3 objects, which is possible, if they were all related under one another, which in this is not.

As the master is Contacts and the subs are Teaching History and Awards.

Can you think of a way to display on the Contacts object, if they have an Award associated to them, without linking the 2 objects. Possibly, a calculated field?


You have three objects in question:-
1. Contacts
2. Teaching History
3. Awards
Now the question is how will you determine teacher "X"
has "Y" teaching history and "Z" awards with comparing
them on some common field , i.e. foreign key. So they
will be related ideally though it may not be Lookup
or Master Detail relationship. Is it correct? Please
do clarify.