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Eclipse "Invalid thread access"

I just installed Elipse on my PC and when I try to create a new APEX project it gives the error "Invalid thread access".  I've been reading up on this error and the only fixes have to do with proxy servers.  There is no proxy server involved in this case but the error persists. 
Any suggestions?
Ron HessRon Hess
what version of the apex toolkit do you have? can you try an update to get the latest, i just did this and found i was out of date, a newer version was out there.

I don't know what version I have of the APEX toolkit.  I have eclipse SDK 3.2.2.  I this the Apex toolkit you're talking about?  As for updates, I ran Software Updates like the installation instructions said and everything installed just fine. 

Don't know where to go from there.

Thanks for the help!!

Ron HessRon Hess
so , next after that  i woudl try to create a fresh workspace, also confirm that you have the password correct

the apex eclipse toolkit current version is 8.0.2001.

this is in help, -> Software Updates, -> Manage Configuration,  product configuration dialog
I have AppExchange Eclipe Toolkit 2.0.6784.  However, when I search for updates it tells me there are none.  It searchs for a long time but nothing. 
As for the password, i'm sure thats correct (i've tried about 20 times).  But it doesn't even seem like it trys to connect.  Usually when an application is trying to connect and login to a portal it takes a little time, even if it does fail.  This error comes up almost instantly after I hit the Finish button. 
I created a new workspace but no luck. 
Ron HessRon Hess
you are in luck, well soon

you are using the older version, and there is a new toolkit that works with Eclipse 3.2, your version is for 3.1

the full details are here : Apex Toolkit for Eclipse

The link you sent me was the instructions I was referring to before.  I had gone through these step by step and still nothing.  I decided to wipe out my instance of Eclipse and start over and magically it installed the correct toolkit this time.  Everything seems to be working just fine (now I just need to figure out how to use it!!)

Thank you for your help!!