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Generating APEX Code WSDL from Production?

How do I generate a WSDL from an APEX class in production? I only have the option while in sandbox.


Generate it in the sandbox or Dev Edition org, then use the standard deploy feature to deploy the generated code to your production login, just like any other class or trigger.

I'm still confused how to do this - I'm trying to generate the WSDL from an APEX class in production, not generate APEX code from a WSDL.

In the sandbox environment, there's a link next to each APEX class called "WSDL." When I click on this link, it generates a WSDL for calling methods (which are defined as a WebService) from an external application.

Setup > Build > Code > WSDL (Under the Action column)

Next, I deploy my APEX code to production. However, there is no longer any "WSDL" link when I log into production. (I only see the Security link) I have tried generating the enterprise and apex WSDL from production (Under Integrate > Apex API), however, it doesn’t define any of the WebService methods from the APEX code classes.

How do I generate the class WSDL file for calling webservice methods in production? I have found a way to modify the sandbox WSDL to work with production, however, the objects defined in the WSDL reflect the current schema in sandbox, not in production.



I've found a way to generate an APEX class's WSDL file from production:


It seems that production is missing the WSDL link on the Apex Code page.