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Editing listviews for an object defined by a managed package

Using the IDE, I can view and edit the XML metadata for an object that's not defined by a managed package. Specifically, I can find a publicly defined list view in the object's XML, copy/edit it to define a new list view, and just save the object's definition from the IDE.


Is there a way to do the same thing for an object that is defined by a managed package?


I've installed a managed package that defines a custom object, and I'd like to create a few dozen list views that are just slight variations on each other. I could do it manually through the UI, but it'd be so much easier if I could do it by editing the <listViews> tags in the XML. However, the file for that object's metadata seems to be read-only as far as the IDE is concerned, and even if I change it to be writable, saving the file in the IDE doesn't seem to save it to the server. I'm wondering if there's a way to edit the XML for a managed package object, or am I stuck with having to do it manually through the browser's UI.


Hi Mr. Kahn,

As per salesforce documentation on Packaging and the two types of packages defined in that documentation viz:-

  • Managed - The salesforce documentation states that the very purpose of managed package apart from version control , is also to control redistribution or in short only the publisher of the package can make changes via the ecllipse IDE
  • Unmanaged - As you are aware anyone can fully change it..


Hope this helps...