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Security review



I started security review from my appexchange publisher profile. But salesforce sent me following email


Thank you for requesting to initiate the Security Review process. Before we can begin, your application must first be enrolled in the AppExchange Partner Program.  Please reach out to the individuals cc’d on this email for assistance. After you have successfully joined the program, please return to your AppExchange publisher and reinitiate Security Review on this package. 

We look forward to building a strong partnership with much shared success. 


How can enroll in AppExchange Partner Program. I asked them too but they haven't replied yet.






You need to signup and register at www.salesforce.com/partners and talk with an ISV Account Executive. My guess is the folks on the cc list are the appropriate ISV Account Executives. 


Thanks for your reply Albert


I have partner portal account already. is it the same thing?


No. Registering and becoming an official ISV partner of Salesforce is different from Partner Portal access. The Partner Portal is a free resource we provide our partners to online content, environments, and support. 


But the link you provided me leads to partner portal creation.


They sent me this email after registration. 


Dear Jagdeep,

Welcome to the salesforce.com partner community. We appreciate you joining forces with us to build your business in the cloud and help lead the social revolution.

Please scroll to the bottom of this email for your User Name and temporary Password to our Partner Portal, a one-stop-shop for all of the information you need to succeed as a salesforce.com partner.

To help get you started, we recommend visiting the links below that are relevant to the partner program you have joined.

If you are a consulting partner with our Cloud Alliance Partner Program, please visit the Consulting Partner Resource Guide. (https://sites.secure.force.com/partners/PP2PartnerLoginPage?startURL=/apex/PP2PortalHomePage?p%3DPP_consultpartnerresguide)

If you are a commercial app provider with our AppExchange Partner Program, please visit the ISV Homepage (https://sites.secure.force.com/partners/PP2PartnerLoginPage?startURL=/apex/PP2ISVPage?p=PP_ISVHome) and our online ISVforce Lifecycle Academy (https://tinyurl.com/isvforceacademy)

The Partner Portal is intended to be self-service, whereby your portal administrator can create additional portal user logins for your company. The first person to register your partnership becomes your designated portal admin. Please log a case in Partner Portal if you need assistance with finding your company’s admin.

You can always access Partner Portal at the following URL: https://www.salesforce.com/partnerportal

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at partnerprogram@salesforce.com

Thank you again for joining our community. We look forward to building a strong partnership with you and helping you succeed in the cloud!

Leyla D. Seka
VP, AppExchange and Partner Operations

Username: jagdeep@partnerforce.com
Password: 1brssdfad