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Salesforce.com + Website Integration Expert Needed ASAP

We have what should be a fairly simple, short-term project.  It may, however, turn into one that needs periodic replication, depending how our business unfolds.
Summary: we have an existing, functional salesforce.com back-end that links to a website front-end; customer data entry happens via a popup web-to-lead form. We would like to also install and customize additional, similar functionality that includes a "web-to-project" form for which SF.com does not have pre-canned code.
Some development on this piece was begun, but it is currently incomplete and nonfunctional.  Our prior developer went AWOL and implementation is time sensitive.
If interested, please send the below information to IT@calcef.org:
  • Qualifications
  • Samples of completed, online, functioning past jobs
  • Pricing proposal
  • Availability
  • At least two customer references
We will reply and arrange a time to discuss project scope only to qualified individuals or firms who provide complete credentials.
Thank you.



Hi, I think I can help.  Contact me anytime to schedule a free consultation and get guaranteed work from a certified expert.  We can kick off your project immediately.


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Joanne Fabre



We did that couple fo times. Have existing code. Email to dev@bytewerk.com if interested.