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Mithun SapuiMithun Sapui 

Part Time remote Salesforce admin

Looking for some part-time remote work as a Salesforce administrator. Have 1 year experience in Salesforce . Please contact me at mithuns91722@yahoo.com. Any help or pointers appreciated .

Thanks, Mithun


Hi Team!


I understand you are seeking to employ a Salesforce.com Administrator. In this economy, we are finding more and more companies contracting out their Salesforce needs and saving the overhead of a full-time employee. Hiring a full-time Salesforce Administrator can cost you up to $90,000/annually!
Check out our affordable and very "popular" Team Plan, which gives you access to both a Salesforce admin and a Force.com developer on-demand.
Contact us anytime for an hour of cost-free consultation.
Warm regards,