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Q - finding a developer

I'm fairly new to SalesForce (a few months) and a programmer from way back (although not object-oriented anything).  I am helping develop a solution based on SalesForce but it became obvious that my learning curve was too steep.  I know I could eventually get it done but we've decided it would be better to hire someone with experience and knowledge.


So, browsing this Jobs Board, I see that some post that they need a developer and others post that they're hiring.  Since this is apparently the place to look, can you offer suggestions on filtering out the candidates?


I'm open to remote workers, independent contractors, and small companies.  However, how can I eliminate those who pad their resume from those who have quality experience?  Nobody (at least the ones I've viewed) post their salaries/prices so is there a going rate or range?  Are previous work examples viewable somewhere like in a portfolio?


Other than going through the respondents, is there a listing of Sales Force contractors or companies that I can peruse on my own?  Can I do a search somewhere that will allow me to apply filters?


i know I've asked a lot of questions but the answers aren't that clear to me so I appreciate any input or feedback you can give.  Thanks.




Hello Mike,


I completely understand your situation. Finding a right partner is really crucial, Most of our customers find us best during such situation.


I will be glad to schedule a quick call with you to answer any questions you might have pertaining to our previous experience, Rate, engagement models, customer references and so on..


Here is a quick brief about us :


AppShark is a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance based in India, and we specialize in customizing Salesforce to optimize its functionality. We help organizations increase the salesforce adoption rate and boost ROI with Salesforce through implementation, customization, development, integration and consulting work.

Many of our developers are cross-trained on multiple platforms and technologies such as .Net, Java, PHP, SQL, MYSQL, C#, BizTalk, Jitterbit, HTML5, iOS and Android. They also use an agile development model to lower cost and speed implementation.

You can view our AppExchange profile:


AppExchange is the platform provided by Salesforce.com to browse and select Apps/Partners of your choice. If you wish to browse more options to find right fit, you can visit www.appexchange.com and in the top search bar you can search partners and it will allow you to apply filters to select vendor of your choice.


Do feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any furhter information.


Look forward to hear from you.


Aslam Khan,

Regional Manager,

AppShark Software.

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E: aslam.khan@appshark.com

Skype: aslam.bd.

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Chris BrownChris Brown

Hi Mike,

I can't tell for sure but it appears you're looking to hire someone full-time as opposed to hiring for a specific project or contract. If so, some of this might not fit perfectly for your situation but I thought it might be helpful if I shared my experiences from the other side (as a freelance developer/consultant seeking projects). Here are my thoughts and responses to your questions:

Filtering Candidates:
The Salesforce AppExchange is also very useful for both posting Jobs as well as perusing lists of Developers and Consultants. I wish it were exposed better but if you visit the AppExchange <https://appexchange.salesforce.com/> and then click on the search box, you'll get a popup that lets you choose 'Developers'. From there you can apply a limited set of filter criteria like skill, rating, location and language. The direct link is <https://appexchange.salesforce.com/developers>.

Based on my experiences, finding the appropriate person for your project is much like hiring any employee for your company. Salesforce is vast and there are so many different skills, experiences, communication abilities and work-ethics out there, most of the companies I work for go through the process of first detailing the duties and responsibilities of the position along with the skill-set required. Then, based on the applications received, they are manually filtered in order to find the candidates that meet the baseline. From there, phone interviews are conducted and references are checked to verify information contained in the resume.

You can post your job here, in the discussion board, but I feel a lot of companies prefer to post in the Jobs section of the AppExchange since candidates can privately apply directly to the posting and, as the poster, you get a nice summary of everyone that has applied along with direct access to their online profile.

Again, Salesforce is vast so if you simply ask how much someone charges, you'll find rates will be all over the map. However, once you clearly define the perfect candidate for your job, you'll be able to post the job information and then compare candidates. There are many factors that affect prices such as skill-set required, urgency/timetable, length of contract, and terms of contract.

I probably don't need to mention this but there's always a word of caution about comparing candidates solely based on hourly rates since this number is useless without also knowing the number of hours they estimate it will take. In this case, fixed-price contracts are a good way to compare (though they require detailed specifications to make sure you're comparing the same things).

Previous Work, Portfolio, List of Developers/Companies:
This ties into your first question from above regarding the filtering of candidates. If you decide to use the AppExchange to post your job, you will have direct access to each candidate's online profile. There is always the risk that these profiles have also been padded but you can look at their Jobs and Reviews to get a sense for the type of work they have been involved with <https://appexchange.salesforce.com/results?type=Developer>.

I hope this helps provide some direction? I have many more thoughts and feelings about finding the right developer for your situation but my response is already getting too long...

Kind Regards,


I appreciate all the information so far.  I never would have guessed that jobs/developers could be found at AppExchange (which I thought was just a trading post for "Hey, look at this cool thing I created!  Want to use it?" kind of stuff).  That's why I need answers.  :)


Is AppExchange for bigger contracts and Jobs Board for more informal connections?  If I have a simple request (create a web page) that's part of a bigger plan (not yet clarified), do I just post to JB one job at a time or find someone at AE and do multiple contracts?


I'm not sure yet what duration I need for this.  I was thinking of releases/stages so that I get something working quickly (my first step is just a series of questions whose answers will go into Leads...and then I'll trigger that Lead-to-Contact action and then whatever SF can do already).  Everything I do now is done via emails.  It is very time-consuming and obviously self-limiting.  If I can automate one thing, it will free up an enormous amount of time.


I'll spend time with AppExchange and work on enhancing my job posting as well.  I've worked through several tutorials and have a general idea of what I want but also know that SF has several ways of solving this (which is what drove me crazy when I tried it myself).


If you have any other suggestions or ways to proceed, feel free to contribute.  I appreciate any information I can get and know that it can only broaden my understanding of SF.









Is AppExchange for bigger contracts and Jobs Board for more informal connections?  If I have a simple request (create a web page) that's part of a bigger plan (not yet clarified), do I just post to JB one job at a time or find someone at AE and do multiple contracts?


No job too small or too big as they say:-) for the AE. As Chris mentioned, AE has the benefit of being able to show the job advertiser a profile of the applicant (hopefully up-to-date). Also available is the feedback system once you have engaged a developer and see how they performed - you can rate their work. For your requirement, either forum would be fine. AE might be slightly better as you're (hopefully) contributing to the feedback system (and may be gaining from it as well).