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Salesforce Administrator available at a reasonable fee. Part time or full time

Here is a summary of a Job Description:
As the Salesforce.com administrator, I would be fully responsible for administrative duties of Salesforce.com. I can serve as the primary point of contact for direct sales and partners who require maintenance, configuration, reporting and training. I will also interface with management team that requires timely reporting and intuitive dashboards.

• Administer the Salesforce.com CRM application. Responsible for developing and maintaining the functional areas of data management, forecasting, deal registration, contacts, leads, campaigns, opportunities, quotes, case, projects, assets, dashboards and reports and any other customization

• Administer Salesforce.com appexchange applications
• Maintain user roles, security, profiles, workflow rules, etc.
• Train new end users on the salesforce.com application
• Maintain system metrics to track trends in usage and data integrity
• Identify SF.com usage problems and craft technical / communication plans to remedy
• Participate in cross-functional teams that address strategic business issues involving CRM and sales operations
• Integrate with vendor partners and design optimal solutions for integration 
My rate is $35-$45 per hour depending on the requirements. I am currently employed part-time and am available part-time or on a full time basis.
I am located in Orange County, California and willing to travel. Please contact me for further consideration.
Thank you,
Jami Vernon
(949) 350-8594

Hi Jami,

              This is Ashwin from India. I am too working as a SFDC Admin although in India. Was wondering if you could help me solve my questions of job prospects in SFDC field and what is the basic criteria to find a SFDC Admin job in the US and other countries since I wish to move US or Canada.


If you are fine to help me answer my queries, then please contact me at pawar.ashwin@gmail.com





Ashwin Pawar



We take the opportunity to extend our services to your work assignments. 
We comprise team of Advanced Certified Freelance Developers with effective experience on Salesforce.com implementations. 
This comes with impeccable Quality adherence, timeliness and lucid pricing options.



Best to keep your job offer on the job board for SFDC and try www.dice.com to post your resume. Also you can www.hireondemand.com and www.simplyhired.com.


All the Best in your search.







    I have SF Dev and Admin experience and i am open for this position. 


    U can reach me @ dhairya13@gmail.com





Jami I have a client that needs a full time admin but is agreeing to allow remote work as long as you can travel to home office on as needed basis.  Annual salary of $75k with full benefits.  Does this interest you at all?


If so please send resume to tspringer@elleresources.com


Tracy Springer

Recruiter, ELLE Resources