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Salesforce Web to Lead Form assistance needed

I own a recording studio in Detroit.  I already have the Salesforce basics configured, including the web to lead form.

However, the web to lead form has some issues.


I already have a great web developer. However, he can only do the basics.  He and I have both wasted far too much time and need a Salesforce expert who can do EVERYTHING on both the Salesforce and web programming sides.


The web site is www.emberrecording.com - Go to CONTACT page to see it.


The problem is that the actual field name doesn't match the label name.  (This is intentional, but it's causing it not to work.)  Even though Salesforce tech support tested this on their system, it's not working on mine for some reason.  There are about 5 fields that are not working properly - some because I think the users are typing in numbers as words / vice versa.


Also, the birthday field is not populating.  I don't want to ask the end user for the year they were born because of privacy issues.  Apparently, you can type in a mm/dd date directly into Salesforce and it will auto-populate the form.  However, when it gets the information from web-to-lead, it doesn't collect the data / doesn't work.  I think it's important to keep it as a date type of field because I would eventually like to send e-mails to clients on their birthday as part of a campaign etc.


In addition, I created a custom field called "Account Type".  Every single person that fills out the web to lead form is of account type "Ember Recording Studio Client" so I need a 'hidden field' created to do this. 


If you can get this all working, I would be interested in getting the form programmed into my MySpace and Facebook pages, too. 


I also have notification going to my e-mail address.  I added some fields, but they aren't all working. I have a feeling this will start working once the actual form is working, but it's possible that I may need help with this, too.


Please provide me with a FIXED cost for these items (not hourly).

Thank you!


Russ Meuchel




Are you still having trouble with this?


A couple of points:

- It's strange that your field and Label names don't match. Why is this? But this wouldn't cause data to not populate into Salesforce.

- Is it possible that the ID's of your custom fields are incorrect? This can happen if you've migrated the form from one Salesforce org to another. This would explain why some fields aren't populated.

- Regarding your mm/dd date format. A before insert trigger would probably solve this for you. Append the current year if the input value is mm/dd format. You could also do it with a few lines of javascript before form submission. I see you're already doing field validation with javascript.

- Hidden fields should work fine.