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Workflow Rule: Trigger when Picklist Field X changes from old value A or old value B to new value C

I'm trying to create a workflow rule that triggers an approval process when the value of Picklist Field X changes from Old Value 'A' or Old Value 'B' to New Value 'C'.


Any help is appreciated.





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You can do this using the ISCHANGED and PRIORVALUE functions, are you looking for an example of the exact formula?

Well, at least I started on the right track. I figured those two functions are ones that I needed, I just don't know how to put it all together.


This is where I started:


PRIORVALUE(ISPICKVAL( Book_of_Business__c ,'Top 10')) OR
PRIORVALUE(ISPICKVAL( Book_of_Business__c ,'Customer & Top 10'))


I want to say "If the value for field Book of Business was 'Top 10' or 'Customer & Top 10' and the new value is 'Strategic Pipeline' or '(blank)', then I want to trigger a workflow for an Approval process." Essentially requiring that the change of value from A or B to C or D is to be approved by someone before the change is committed.


Any additional help is appreciated.


Okay, lemme take a crack at it...


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More than a fair trade. Thanks.

Here you go:


AND( ISCHANGED(Picklist_Field__c ),

OR( ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c , "C"),

ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c , "")),

OR( ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(Picklist_Field__c ), "A"),

ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(Picklist_Field__c ), "B")))

 So yours will look something like this:


AND( ISCHANGED(Book_of_Business__c ),

OR( ISPICKVAL(Book_of_Business__c , "Strategic Pipeline"),

ISPICKVAL(Book_of_Business__c , "")),

OR( ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(Book_of_Business__c ), "Top 10"),

ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(Book_of_Business__c ), "Customer & Top 10")))


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Thanks. I'm going to try this out later today or tomorrow. Will let you know.


Not sure if I've ever had that beer -- probably since there are so many distributors in Nor Cal.


I'm stuck again --


The rule criteria works for workflow, however, workflow does not allow for the action of approval process. I can only create a Task, send an email alert, update a field, or send out outbound message.


I tried creating an approval process with the rule criteria, but when checking the syntax the error message is "Function ISCHANGED may not be used in this type of formula".


Any ideas?


If it can't work I can always modify the process and just create email notification when the specific change happens -- but ideally I'd like to incorporate the approval process before the change is committed. In thinking about it more, I'm not sure Salesforce can accomplished that process with workflow and approvals -- specifically the ability to "pause" the commit of a change until approval happens.





When is your WFR being fired?


The options are: 



  • When a record is created,orwhen a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria
  • Only when a record is created
  • Every time a record is created or edited  


It should be "Every time a record is created or edited" 



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Ugh!  nevermind...  back to square one.  Lemme give it a think, this might take a while...

@SteveMo: Thank you for this; I recently came across this post in my bookmarks, and just wanted to say thank you because this helped me last year :-)

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@SteveMo: Thank you! This helped me with a formula I was creating for a non-profit. You are awesome Mr. Molis :-)